The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs, and nearly millions of jobs have been lost, but data scientists have been the most trending job post-pandemic. Indeed’s hiring lab researched that technology-related jobs were badly affected by the pandemic, and it hasn’t shown any significant improvement. But the job of a data scientist keeps showing positive growth in 2021 and keeps spreading over the technological market. According to the top 50 jobs in America (research by Glassdoor) for the year 2020, data scientists maintained their position in the top three with a great job satisfaction with an average salary of over $100,000.


The job postings have kept on decreasing, but this doesn’t explain the whole story. The value of data literacy and data analytics has not decreased in the companies; instead, the company’s ability to hire these high-value positions has decreased. Frank Buytendijk (analyst at Gartner) says there is no sign of a decrease in data scientists’ demand. As data science courses and analytics applications continue to grow, the demand for experienced data scientists and analysts will grow similarly. Steve Tycast (director of data and analytics at AIM Consultancy Group) says that being a data scientist is not only about doing just research and looking at statistics from the data provided to the expert, but it also requires the expert to look at the data and understand it completely. Buytendijk, in his observation at Gartner, saw that job postings kept on increasing with more and more analytical requirements. Many organizations try to combine data analysis and management skills, and organizations expect that this combination can come from the inside.


The pandemic has forced us to change our thoughts about hiring data scientists. Previously, a significant amount of funds was spent on a single person, but now those funds are spent creating a team of data scientists. Particular skill sets are required by the companies when they are making a team of data scientists. The individuals must possess business skills and understand how the data can be used and how it can improve business activities. Along with them, individuals should have quantitative knowledge and technological skills and can handle data management. Buytendijk said you have to put together a group of individuals with different skill sets to create an entity. The chances of a single person being an expert in all three fields are very small, so you have to put together people who can offer different skills. Organizations that cannot spend resources on data science positions should look for multiple hiring to solve the major problem of handling data through machine learning. Typecast also said that an exceptional applicant can think differently, demonstrate and then fully understand the business problem and then walk someone through the steps in creating the solution. It’s not just about delivering results but also presenting the success and failures through algorithms to extract the optimum answers. Buytendijk has also said that providing data scientists more ability to interfere with business executives helps with retention. Data science has become a popular trend as enterprises’ reliability on the data has increased over the years. To reflect this change, organizations should keep them alongside one another. Data scientists are an important part of the organization, providing a reasonable amount of responsibility and communicating with the executives. Explore more on Data Scientist Navigate to Address:

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